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Home Fragrances
Maison Fleuri is the new line of reed diffusers from L’Amande for home fragrance. The six classic scents from L’Amande Fleuri become refined home fragrances with special packaging. The elegant box can be used to display the scent in your home – just take off the top of the box and attach it to the bottom of the package – the box will open like a flower, revealing the bottle in which the reeds are placed. The box can be used to display the diffuser in the home, protecting the glass bottle in the process. Maison Fleuri reed diffusers help to personalize your surroundings with the warm fragrances of our area of Liguria, inviting closeness and well-being. Feel at home anywhere – why not bring one to the office, on a business trip or on vacation?

Size: 100ml

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