brand philosophy
Real Marseilles soap cooked in boilers for 6 days according to ancient Marseilles tradition, without added colourants and fragrances it is delicate on cloth and colours and respects your hands.
Marseilles Soap 400g. The only Marseilles Soap with 80% fatty acids, therefore extremely concentrated. Guaranteed extra pure. Perfect for hand washing baby clothes and for delicate garments in general.
Les Petites Savons de Marseille 3 x 100g. Three 100g Marseilles soaps in a very handy and practical size. 80% fatty acids. Wrapped individually for longer life.

Marseilles Soap - Flakes 500g. Flakes of real Marseilles soap with 80% fatty acids. 100% biodegradable, they do not pollute seas, lakes or rivers. Ideal both for hand washing and dishes.

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