May 2018

The new sun line
The new L’Amande Sun Line, with extracts of helichrysum, chamomile and calendula from organic farming, guarantees tanning, protection and long-lasting hydration. [more]

May 2018

Mum Line
L’Amande Mum Line takes care of the woman from the first months of pregnancy and continues with cuddles after delivery. [more]

May 2018

Protective moisturising cream perfect to preserve unchanged and bright your body tattoo and permanent make-up. [more]

October 2017

L'Amande Pour Homme
L'Amande Pour Homme, is already legend... After Saffron and Coriander, the new line created for elegant and modern sportsmen is here. [more]

October 2017

The sinuous and slim elegance of callas is highlighted and intensified by the fine fragrances of the fresh aldehydic notes. [more]

October 2017

A line of cosmetics as delicate as lily petals, which cleanses, hydrates and scents even the most sensitive skins. [more]

September 2016

Rosa Suprema
Rosa Suprema is an important Eau de Parfum and the Rose Absolute of Grasse is its true heart. [more]

September 2016

Antalya, the ancient Turkish city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, gives us the tulip, colourful and elegant flower as the Antalya scent, rich in aromatic essential oils. [more]

September 2016

Maison L'Amande
L’Amande now offers three lines of home products to perfume and "pamper" your home or office with the same love it takes care of you. [more]

June 2016

Choose your new scented water!
Summer is coming, there are six new scented waters, alcohol and peg free. [more]

June 2016

Aromatique Liquid Cleansers
With dermatologic pH, they gently cleanse and leave the hands soft and velvety and smell with their precious bouquet. [more]

February 2016

Spring Harmonies
Try the newest delicately scented water, alcohol free, to be sprayed over the body several times a day to feel fragrant and tidy. [more]

February 2016

The Marseille liquid cleansers with essential oils
Three new scented liquid cleansers enriched with purifying and toning essential oils. Strictly dermatological pH. [more]

September 2015

L'Amande Viso
Ideal face creams to fight the marks of time, to prevent the blemishes and the formation of the first wrinkles. An accurate equilibrium between softening and hydration. [more]

September 2015

New Lanterns for your Xmas
Lanterns have always evoked romantic Oriental nights. L'Amande choose them for this new perfumed range of products dedicated to the wellness of the body. [more]

September 2015

Spices Petals
Spices Petals is our new proposal with the involving and long-lasting perfume which skilfully combines the citrus top notes with decidedly spiced and intense middle notes. [more]

March 2015

White gardenia for your Spring
L'Amande choose the splendor of the gardenia's highly fragrant white flowers for its new line enriched with precious plant extracts. [more]

March 2015

Four new products for your legs and feet
Detergent for foot-bath,exfoliant foot cream,deodorizing and softening foot cream, winding-down legs gel with the extracts of birch and lemon. [more]

October 2014

Mallow and Calendula
As early as the Middle Ages, the soothing properties of the mallow and calendula extracts are known. They are perfect for all skin types and for all the family. [more]

October 2014

Cherry blossoms
Created for the whole family and enriched by the glyceric phytoextracts of sweet almond, millet, flax, olive and coltsfoot with their emollient and nourishing properties. [more]

October 2014

Fizzy freesia for your Christmas
The freesia is the symbol of mystery and fascination for the unknown because we do not know its most antique origins. [more]

May 2014

As of April 23rd the new company L’Amande S.r.l. has become operational. This company was born as a spin-off of Stabilimenti Italiani Gavarry. [more]

October 2013

Gems of Pomegranate and Nigella Notes
Two cosmetic lines inspired by the beautiful ruby color of pomegranate and the elegance of the Nigella flower. [more]

October 2013

Azuré: the lure of intense blue
L'Amande has chosen this tiny and delicate forget-me-not, considered a symbol of love, hope and memories for this gentle cosmetic line. [more]

October 2013

New hand creams with plant butters
Winter is coming: L’Amande suggests the new line of hand creams with sweetbrier, apricot and oats, rich of vitamins and vegetable extracts. [more]

May 2013

New deodorants – Marseille
In time for summer, L’Amande presents our new line of deodorants: alcohol free for sensitive skin, either spray or roll-on. Paraben, PEG, aluminum free. [more]

April 2013

Water Lily
Our new spring/summer line: luminous, colorful and fresh, with a scent that reminds you of a walk in the park or a boat ride through reeds and water lilies. [more]

March 2013

New Sun Line 2013
Formulated with attention to healthy skin. Paraben, PEG, silicon, mineral oil and coloring free. [more]

March 2013

New 100% natural oils
Three cold-pressed oils: sweetbriar rose, calendula and borage, with toning, emollient, elasticizing and nourishing properties. Lightly scented with natural aromatic essential oils. [more]

October 2012

Acquerello (Watercolor)
A delicate, pastel colored line where flowers are the main focus – using precious herbal distillates and extracts. [more]

October 2012

Citrus Garden & Cocoa Flowers
Creams, shower gels, soaps and perfumes with an inviting Mediterranean fragrance mixing gently with notes of bittersweet cocoa. [more]

October 2012

Elder Flowers & Amber Dust
Traditional elder flower and amber line with a new twist, leaving skin hydrated and nicely scented all day long. [more]

October 2011

Fleur de Sel & Vanille
Made with hand-harvested sea salt from Camargue. This precious salt is in the form of flakes with a delicate violet fragrance. [more]

October 2011

Bois de Rose (Woodrose)
Bois de Rose (rosewood) is a prized hardwood which owes its name to its long lasting, intense rose scent. [more]

October 2011

Reed Diffusers
Maison Fleuri is the first L’Amande scent for your home. The six classic scents from L’Amande Fleuri become elegant air resheners. [more]

September 2011

New products in September
Three new fluid body creams plus an exfoliant cream, delicate and natural for skin's well-being. Rich with raw materials from plant origin. No parabens, mineral oils, PEGS or genetically modified ingredients. [more]

April 2011

Enfant Sun and After-Sun Care
Summer, a time of vacations at the beach or in the mountains. L’Amande presents new sun and after-sun products specially designed for children’s delicate skin. [more]

February 2011

L'Amande Eco Bio
L'Amande Eco Bio line is guaranteed ICEA certified: conforms with ICEA's list of permitted ingredients, is made without the use of GMO, is made with plant ingredients from certified organic cultivation. [more]

October 2010

Coriander and Juniper
New cosmetic line dedicated entirely to men, with hand cream, face cream, roll-on deodorant, Eau de Parfum, and of course the classic and timeless soap bar and shower. [more]

October 2010

Fresh as the white and elegant flower you can often find on open fields still covered with the very last snowfalls, Snowdrop is formulated with the most delicate ingredients. [more]

October 2010

Cosmetic line with warm floral-woody notes that evokes the sun and Mediterranean landscapes, suspended between the earth and the sea. [more]

March 2010

L'Amande Enfant
Our new cosmetic line formulated especially for little ones. Eight delicate products enriched with oils and phytoderivates from mimosa to sweet almond oil. [more]

September 2009

In celebration of the historic 125th anniversary of our brand name, L’Amande has created a special line to honor the year 1884. [more]

September 2009

Brand new cosmetic line that unites the grace of the Fuchsia flower with a light fruity scent, a delicate synergy of passion flower, jasmine and vanilla. [more]

September 2009

Lys Bleu
A special choice from our Autumn 2009 collection, Lys Bleu is a sensory experience, transporting us into a fantastic world of beautiful silver and blue flowers. [more]

July 2009

Soapmaking in Western Liguria
The next appointment for this year’s festivities celebrating the 125th anniversary of our brand will be held on August 30th as L’Amande proudly presents the second expanded edition of the volume by F. Ciciliot. [more]

May 2009

Marseilles Soapmaking
Visit our new page featuring our exclusive film clip which brings the magic and alchemy of the real Marseilles soapmaking right to you! [more]

April 2009

Gavarry once again on RAI3
On Thursday, 30 April, RAI3 began its morning program “Buongiorno Liguria” [Good Morning Liguria] with a segment about our company! [more]

April 2009

Art & Savonnerie, third edition
Art & Savonnerie is an exhibit which celebrates soap from the artist’s point of view. The opening takes place Sunday 19 April at 11:30 AM, Priamar Fortress, Savona. [more]

March 2009

L'Amande Soleil 2009
L’Amande is proud to present new products for our Soleil Line 2009: Anti-Cellulite Sun Cream, Sun Stick Lips/Body and After-Sun Face Cream. [more]

February 2009

L'Amande Visage
A new complete line that purifies, hydrates, nourishes and tones every type of skin. All products are formulated also using organically grown raw materials. [more]

January 2009

125th Anniversary: 1884-2009
Registered in Marseilles on June 17, 1884, L'Amande is one of the five oldest soap brands in the world. [more]

October 2008

A high quality cosmetic line. It brings together the most recent studies in the field of raw materials and beautifully detailed elegant packaging. [more]

October 2008

Wisteria and Opuntia
The beautiful clusters of wisteria flowers and the delicate yellow Opuntia (Ficus-Indica) flowers have become an integral part of the Mediterranean countryside. [more]

June 2008

L’Amande Homme shaving foam
Practical and modern, a brand new shaving foam completes the L’Amande Homme line of shaving products. [more]

April 2008

L'Amande Soleil
The new sunscreen products for this summer with medlar extract, olive and sweet almond oils. [more]

October 2007

A complete line with Papaver Rhoeas extract, with emollient and anti-oxidising properties and a full, warm fragrance. [more]

October 2007

Known and especially recognised for their great beauty and elegance, orchids also provide nourishing and toning properties for this brand new cosmetic line. [more]

August 2007

New vegetable soaps and bath foams
Two new vegetable soaps formulated with olive oil and sweet almond oil, plus two bath foams with seabuckthorn and mulberry extracts are a preview of the products to be launched this autumn. [more]

May 2007

"Art & Savonnerie" 2007
The second edition of the cultural event celebrating L’Amande soap will be inaugurated in Gavarry on Saturday June 2, at 5:30 pm. [more]

January 2007

Face and body creams and make up removal tissues
Three new L’Amande Marseille products are already on sale: moisturising cream, nourishing cream and make up removal tissues. [more]

October 2006

L'Amande Homme
The first L'Amande line entirely dedicated to men, with the natural extracts of saffron and basil. [more]

October 2006

The new L'Amande Aromatique line with a classic yet sweet and elegant fragrance. [more]

January 2006

Art & Savonnerie
Soap sculptures at the L'Amande Boutique from January 14 to 28. [more]

October 2005

Cypree and Lemon Flowers
Our two new lines for fall 2005 are already on sale at the best herbalist shops and pharmacies. [more]

October 2005

Grand opening of the first boutique L'Amande
On 1st October in Savona, Italy the first L'Amande boutique was officially opened. [more]

September 2005

New formulae for L’Amande’s hair conditioner and four shampoos.
L’Amande’s hair conditioner and four shampoos have a new look and completely renewed formulae, as well. [more]

March 2005

New L'Amande Deodorants with natural extracts
Specially formulated for sensitive, delicate skin, these deodorants are available in two versions: perfumed, with Sweet Almond Oil and Laurel and Myrtle extracts, or unperfumed, with Mallow and Rosemary extracts. [more]

November 2004

Gavarry and its ancient soap-making tradition on RAI 3
On Saturday, November 27 at 1:00 pm, the "Bella Italia" TV program by RAI 3 will be presenting a report on Gavarry and the ancient tradition of soap-making that it proudly represents and has actively promoted for over 100 years. [more]

October 2004

Original period L'Amande posters at the Marseilles International Fair
Three original L'Amande posters were exhibited at the Marseilles International Fair during the "Parfums Latins" exhibition. [more]

September 2004

Anise and Blackberry, Lemon Balm and Black Cherry
The new fragrances which will complete the L'Amande Aromatique line pay particular attention to the new trend in perfumes while maintaining close ties with the typical fragrances of our region. [more]

September 2004

L'Amande Marseille: Olive Oil Body Cream and Sweet Almond Oil Body Cream
Two new body creams, available in a 200ml jar, will soon be on sale in the best herbalist's shops and pharmacies. [more]

June 2004

L'Amande Marseille: today's image with the same quality as always.
The products of the restyled L'Amande Marseille line presented recently are now available in finest herbalists and pharmacies. [more]

December 2003

Masterwort and Pomegranate, Elder and Strawberry-tree, Wormwood and Black Currant
The public's reaction to the three new L'Amande Aromatique lines introduced this year was very favourable. As usual the fragrances are those most typical of the Mediterranean maquis. [more]

December 2003

The number of links on Liguria is growing
The range of links on Liguria is growing thanks also to your contributions. [more]

September 2003

XV SANA: Bologna 11/14 September 2003
Gavarry will be present again with its stand (pavillion 36, stand C30/D31) at the International Show of Natural Foods, Health and the Environment to be held in Bologna from 11th to the 14th September. [more]

May 2003

New L'Amande Hand Creams
Hand Cream with Olive Oil and Hand Cream with Sweet Almond Oil: two new L'Amande products already on sale in the best Herbalist shops and Pharmacies. [more]

March 2003

6th Edition of SANAaROMA: Rome 4-7 April
Gavarry will be present again at the Mediterranean Exposition of Natural Products, Food, Health and Environment. [more]

November 2002

Presented the new L'Amande toothpastes
The presentation of the new L'Amande toothpastes has been anticipated by two months: Whitening toothpaste with olive leaves and the unsaponifiable matter of olive oil, and Antitartar toothpaste with Sage extract. [more]

October 2002

L'Amande Lip Balm
Two new lip balms are now available: moisturising lip balm and protective lip balm. Made with the best ingredients, without colour additives, are recommended both for adults and children. [more]

October 2002

L'Amande Fleuri
The new line of L'Amande is already available in the best herbal shops and pharmacies. [more]

April 2002

An on-line book!
The unabridged version of "La saponeria nella Liguria occidentale", presented by Gavarry last November is now available in "e-book" form and can be downloaded free-of-charge from our website. [more]

March 2002

5th Edition of SANAaROMA: Rome 5/7 April 2002
Gavarry will be present with its stand (pavillion 23, stand B21) at the 5th Mediterranean Exposition of Natural Products, Food, Health and Environment to be held in Rome from 5th to 7th April. [more]

January 2002

Books & Links
The new Gavarry column, with a selection of books about soap and various interesting links regarding Liguria, its culture and traditions. [more]

November 2001

La saponeria nella Liguria occidentale (the art of soap making in Western Liguria)
On November 10th the book "La saponeria nella Liguria occidentale" (The art of soap making in Western Liguria) by Mr. F. Ciciliot was presented in the marvelous settings of Villa Gavotti in Albisola Superiore. [more]

October 2001

Presentation of the book: La saponeria nella Liguria occidentale (The art of soap making in Western Liguria).
On Saturday, November 10th, at 11a.m. in Villa Gavotti, Albisola Superiore (SV), Gavarry will present the book "La saponeria nella Liguria occidentale" (The art of soap making in Western Liguria) by Mr. F. Ciciliot and published by Marco Sabatelli. [more]

September 2001

L'Amande Aromatique
The latest SANA in Bologna was the occasion for presenting the three new perfumed L'Amande lines: Almond Milk and Honey, Mediterranean Cologne, Lavender and Myrtle, which come as a natural partner for the Traditional Line reflecting its high quality. [more]

September 2000

Special Feature - Trasparent Soaps
Thanks to a special patented process, Gavarry produces high quality see-through soaps from both completely vegetable ingredients and from the classic tallow / coco mixture. [more]

July 2001

13th Edition of SANA: Bologna 13/16 September 2001
This year too Gavarry will be present with its stand (pavillion 36, stand D/31) at the International Show of Natural Foods, Health and the Environment to be held in Bologna from the 13th to the 16th September. [more]

June 2001

L'Amande Screensavers
Two new screensavers with the now famous children of L'Amande are available. Download them on your PC and send your opinions or suggestions to help us to improve them and create new ones. [more]

May 2001

L'Amande: Camomile Personal Hygiene Detergent

The new Camomile Personal Hygiene Detergent has been formulated with the best ingredients and contains camomile extract with its well-known refreshing action. [more]

July 2000

Gavarry Online
Gavarry Online offers a collection of short articles, news items and interesting information inserted now and again on our website. [more]


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